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    About Ruffin Management Group LLC

    Artist Repertoire and Management Service

    RMG provides Artist Repertoire and Mangement Services for known record labels and unsigned upcoming Independant Talent. Several departments handle different areas of industry. Making us diverse at solving our clients issues with presidence and professionalism.

    Our Family History

    RMG started after SlipNSlide Records requested a dedicated team to help them manage and produce there rosters of artists. Along with the past SlipNSlideDJS experience. RMG became more than SlipNSlideDJS and more. Becoming the first artist repertoire team hand picked by Ted Lucas himself. Two members and a third from past IGE Records. now run RMGLLC.

    Aritst Repertoire and Consultion

    Artist recieve feedback direct from the labels that could sign them to a deal. And gaining help from experienced mgrs in music today. Including how to plan,budget and execute your business plans to grow your business needs.


    John Doe — ABC Corp

    "Ruffin Management Group LLC made the closing night of our corporate retreat absolutely perfect! With Ruffin Management Group LLC, the party moved along smoothly and stayed fun until late that night!"

    Jane Doe — Hartford, CT

    "My husband's 60th birthday was a blast! Thanks for sharing your great advice and fantastic singing voice!"

    Jon Doe — XYZ Corp

    "Our company Christmas parties were never very successful. Ruffin Management Group LLC helped us see where we had been going wrong and helped us go right!"

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